Saturday, March 5, 2011

Recycling I Can Get Into

My de Tomaso Pantera for 2012— published a short post this morning saying the De Tomaso may introduce a new Pantera next year. They showed a new crossover, the Deauville, based heavily on the Cadillac SRX in Geneva last week. It wasnt' pretty, in fact it was downright dowdy. When I read they were going to take a stab at the Pantera, I immediately thought of the Mercury Cyclone I chopped in 2007, and decided to "rechop" it into a Pantera. The filtered look I chose back in 2007 made the recycled chop faster and easier to do. Click image to enlarge.

Good suggestion about making it yellow, PX. I like this chop much better now. That was the color the Pantera was first advertised in the USA back in 1971. Here's my original Pantera dealer brochure from 1971. It's printed on heavy stock paper with a beautiful gloss varnish on every page.

My original Cyclone Hybrid sports car was based on a Ford GT photo.


  1. Very nice update on an iconic sportscar! Loved these cars ever since the original was introduced - make mine yellow!
    I read that De Tomaso is also introducing a 4 door sedan on a shared GM platform. Rumor has it that it was a CTS. The interior shots I saw looked like the CTS stock interior. As much as I like the CTS interior, I hope that the car was only a test mule and that they change it to give it some Italian flair. Otherwise, what's the point?

  2. UPDATE: I just looked at the Deauville pic and I am talking about the same car.
    Next time I'll look before I speak, lol !

  3. Your Pantera and Cyclone: Sweeeeet.

    Deauville: I think it'zzzzzzzserererererererererererererertkl;njh34;qlhglksrdg5

    ... Sorry. I fell asleep while looking at the Deauville photo. Try again, DeTomaso.

  4. thanks! I was completely surprised when I saw the Deauville. I could have done better with crayons and a napkin. I don't know what they were thinking. The base SRX has 10x the charisma of that De Tomaso.

  5. On the frozen planet Hoth, Han Solo remarked while slicing open a Ton-Ton, "I thought they looked ugly on the outside". Well, that holds true with Deauville with its horrid center stack interior and lame looking wannabe 5 S Series GT.

    De Tomaso should still to only sports cars because that's what they're good at building and I find you're version to hold the key to their success.

    Simplicity is key, that's why peep still love Lotus and Alfa and turning away from turncoats like Porsche and Ferrari who can no longer define their direction

  6. "When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness." ~ De Tomaso...oh wait...sorry that was De Tocqueville

    Hi, guys...

  7. Hey Annie! Welcome! I wanted to get a few more pages of new cars posted before I revealed this new blog on my old blog March 19th. This will be a place for just my photoshopped cars. I might start a third one just for flowers and garden shots, but not sure.

  8. I like Casey's chops much better than the original, especially after they were forced to add the big bumpers -- ah the 70s! Although this isn't a type of car that moves me particularly, I can certainly appreciate the design and Casey is the master!

    Glad to see you here, Annie!

    Paul, NYC