Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dodge White Hat Special, 2012 Style*

Charger R/T coupe—With thanks to PaulNYC for suggesting a proper 2012 2 door Charger! I've thought about doing a chop like this before, but until Paul mentioned it earlier today, it really didn't hit home how perfect it might be. I started with the new-for-2012 Charger R/T 4-door sedan, and added styling cues from the now-classic '68-'70 version. Flying buttressed C pillars and the oversized chrome gas cap are the obvious changes, well, besides the deletion of the rear doors and B pillar. I also made the scallops on the doors more akin to those on those '60s Chargers; double, instead of the single indents on the current car, which gave me a perfect location for the red, black and chrome '68 R/T logo. The black glass roof and tweaked and enlarged wheels round out the changes to this large, muscular Dodge coupe. I'm not sure that there is room in Dodge's lineup these days for a pillarless coupe like this Charger; the Challenger already utilizes a 116" wheelbase. But in my mind, and Paul's I hope, it's a shoe-in!

*Dodge White Hat Special refers to a marketing scheme Dodge employed quite often in the late '60s and early '70s. Various cars in the Dodge lineup were given multiple options at a lower price than if bought separately, in hopes of moving more vehicles. Frequently for these advertisements, very Swingin' Sixties models were photographed, dressed in white cowboy hats standing next to fairly mundane Polara hardtops and Coronet sedans, lol. 


  1. I'm totally blown away with this one. I don't know why Dodge doesn't make more coupes, especially of the Charger. People don't have the money for the Challenger and I think they can make more of a profit offering a smaller car with better fuel economy and a bit more versatility. This would fit nicey against the brand new Camaro and Stang.

  2. "We had respect for our elders, parents and teachers too,
    We listened to what they said and we knew that it was true.
    I'm sure the world's improved in many, many ways.
    It's just easier to think about the simpler times we had in the good old days.

    The guys we had for heroes wore hats so big and white
    There wasn't any question they stood for what was right...
    Let's never forget those lessons they taught us long ago,
    And pass them on to kids today so they too can know...
    Lots of folks have sacrificed a bunch along the way,
    To preserve what our forefathers had in mind for the good old USA.
    So let's salute the grand old flag and wave it high again
    And stand up for what we know is right until the very end!" ~ Cowboy Poet Jim Gaough

  3. You nailed this one! This is what Dodge should be building. Call the Charger something else and make this the Charger! You didn't mention shortening the wheelbase so this 120" car fits right in with what Dodge was doing with the originals (both 66-67 and 68-70) -- a full-size two-door hardtop!

    Thank you!!!

    On a related note, I well remember a lot of the very exciting Dodge advertising themes from the 60s -- The Dodge Boys, The Beat Goes On, etc. I think the white-hats came with white vinyl roofs, the cars' white hats! While I'm not a fan of white vinyl roofs, other than on white Fleetwood Broughams, it beats the paisley that Dodge and Plymouth did around the same time. I suppose if any survive, they have some collector value.

    Paul, NYC

  4. Thanks, Paul. I guess I sort of blew it with the black glass roof then! I should have named the post "The Beat Goes On!!"

  5. Yeah, I know the Challenger is a coupe, but I'm old enough to remember a Dodge lineup with several coupes. Every lineup used to include several coupes, someone 2-3 different coupes in a single lineup. The late sixties Plymouth Furys had 2 different pillarless coupes in their lineup. I think there is room for a "pony car" Challenger and a "full size" Charger coupe.

  6. I guess the young people don't remember a time when there were multiple models and not everything was a four-door sedan or an SUV. The 67 Plymouth that you reference (and through 1971), Plymouth offered two styles of two-door hardtop, one of which they called the "Fast-top" in addition to Barracuda notchback and fastback and Belvedere hardtop. Ford and Chevrolet had years around this time with two styles of hardtop as well. Where did variety (or the desire for variety) go?

    Paul, NYC

  7. Actually, the first time I looked at this, it reminded me of the first ('66-67) Chargers as much as the second-gen. I'd definitely take this one for a spin. Well done again.

  8. im a young mopar fan, but i must admit the older cars had more charater. i think the biggest F up that diamler done while it owned chrysler was make a 4 door charger to begin with. i like this rendering but if it was me i wouldnt have a glass roof or pull the flying buttress c pillars all the way back. but i like the direction

  9. Thanks, Steve. I've heard that comment on other websites. I'm glad for any reference to the older cars I love!

    And welcome, "Young mopar fan!" Always glad to have new readers here. I haven't had a lot of time in the last week to do any more chops, but I hope to put up a new one or two later next week. Stay tuned!

  10. Very nice rendering. The new Charger controversy centers on 2 or 4 doors. The current body is great but it should have been given a different name. A Chrysler corporate type told me the car was designed and ready for production before a name was chosen. I would like to see the Chrysler big wigs rename the Charger to something else (i.e. Coronet) and produce a 2-door Charger we are all awating. But please give us a manual transmission and a trunk.

  11. This is absolutely stellar! My 1st car was 2 '69 Charger SE and if Dodge made one just like what you've drawn here..I would be 1st in line!

  12. This car is absolutely beautiful. Swept me off my feet at first glance! I'm looking at getting a 2012 charger sxt but if this car were to come out I'd give an arm and a leg for it!

    1. thank you! I hope you keep checking out my blog. I do more during the fall/winter, but I'll be putting up a few new chops soon.

  13. Oh YES !! This is the NEW Charger and it looks Fantastic. I'm thee biggest Mopar fan having owned and built 2 69 Chargers and 2 68 Darts and a 69 Dart...all 2 door models. Why the new 4 door Chargers ? It could have been done like the Challenger, which never were 4 door cars of past. Build the 2 door Dodge Chargers again. I might just buy 1 or 2.