Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2013 Lincoln MKL/xh. '49 Cosmopolitan Redux!

The Lincoln MKL would be the marque's flagship lineup, available in sedan, coupe and shooting brake bodystyles, unique in America. Drivetrains would include rear wheel- and all wheel-drive and powertrains would consist of Ecoboost and Hybrid engines. Lincoln nomeclature would grow to include an "x" and an "h" to denote the all wheel drive and hybrid options. An "s" model would mean the car was equipped with the most powerful supercharged engine available. The "L" models would be approximately 18-inches longer than the current MKS, with a wheelbase in the 118-120 inch range. I know I use "suicide doors" quite often on my chops, but there is a reason to include them on my Lincolns, besides their historical ties to so many classic Lincolns.  They would add so much "street theater" to the car's reputation. They could be powered opened and closed for little expense or engineering issues, and would really make the marque stand out in a daily driver's experience. I think they're exactly what Lincoln needs to differentiate itself in today's market. Click image to enlarge to almost full screen!


  1. You've really captured the Lincoln feel -- and the doors are a big part of that, especially in a car of this size. How about a 123" wheelbase to mimic the 61? On the blogs, they are always carrying on about a V8 engine for a Lincoln flagship. I guess it couldn't hurt!

    Paul, NYC

  2. 123" would be great, nice tie to the past! There could be a supercharged V8... with maybe 500hp, for a sport limo!

  3. Great Job, C!
    Kind of like a fancier Town Car. I do like your version of the grille over the intended design. A drop top would be really cool too.