Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First Gen Audi TT Tweak

Could the third generation Audi TT draw inspiration from the bold first gen rather than the meek second gen? As much as I loved the original TT, the uninspired second series left me cold—unusual for an Audi, one of my favorite brands! For this chop, I started with the original '90s TT and enlarged the side windows. This made the roofline flatter and less bulbous and also opened up the interior. I dropped the door handles a few inches to better line up with the head- and taillights, and I darkened the rocker panels except for the lower doors. I like the "form follows function" look of the rounded lower doors "breaking" the dark rocker trim. I also added a three-dimensional embossed Audi nameplate to the doors. Following the existing cutlines on the trunk/hatch, I divided the taillights into separate clear and red sections and gave them a high-tech grid appearance for updated LEDs. To match, I did a similar treatment with the wraparound front headlights. I enlarged the wheels and blackened portions of the rim for a much bolder look and actually raised the ride height a little bit. This TT would be a Quattro model, and I like the idea of a slightly higher-riding vehicle, perhaps for rallying. The glass roof section rounds out the changes I made to this iconic little German sportscar.


  1. J Mays created a masterpiece some 12 years ago that can never be replicated. Audi seriously needs to a Casey on their next new TT or lose out on an amazing fan base.

  2. I always feel I should like the TT more than I do -- it's a stunning design but I just don't feel it even though, in general, I'm a big Audi fan, particularly the new A8 (where is that coupe version?). I'm sure it's just me!

    That said, I think your tweaks give it more emotion -- I especially what you did with the roof.

    Paul, NYC