Sunday, September 11, 2011

Volkswagen Up! Churada Sport Coupe

VW recently introduced its newest tiny car, the Up! hatchback (yes, the name includes the exclamation point). The production car seats 4, but I've lowered it and raked the rear C pillar forward, limiting seating to two. The rear space could be used for luggage or for the battery pack in a future electric or hybrid version. I chose the name "Churada," a fierce monsoon wind-and-rain squall in the Mariana Islands. VW has a tradition of using names of winds for its cars, such as the Golf (the German name for the Gulf Stream) and Scirocco (an african wind). In addition to lowering the car, I've moved the door handles up into the B pillar, added black/chrome rocker panel trim, made the LED taillights a bit more dramatic, and enlarged the wheels, blacking out portions of the rim for a more custom look. I also gave the VW logo on the wheels a body color background, a touch reminiscent of the paint-detailed wheel covers of luxury cars of the past.


  1. I've been a fan of the Up! since the concept first srufaced several (it seems like) years ago. I think this chop takes it up a notch or two and is adorable. I can't wait to see some of these Up!s on the road or at least at the auto shows.

    Paul, NYC

  2. Thanks Paul! As much as I love and covet old cars, I'm really excited about how far the high-tech movement will take cars in the future. The possibility of much lower weight, much higher gas mileage (or no gas use at all), and aerodyamic designs, are all very exciting!

  3. Maybe this is an interesting car for you: the Lotus Europa S1. Very low weight, CW value of 0.29. In 1966... Maybe you can photoshop it to make it look better...

    Greetings from The Netherlands,



  4. Hi Spencer, Thanks for checking out my blog! I'm very familiar with the original Lotus Europa. It was one of those cars when I was a kid that just blew me away. I think they were fantastic looking, but I could certainly smooth out a few areas since I don't have to deal with reality, lol. I'll think about it. thanks again!

  5. I thought about it. A friend of mine has an Europa, so I'm familiar with it. The back could be a little lower, just a few inches, resulting in side 'fins' that are less 'horizontal'. The cabin could move forward a little. Looks more modern en makes the interior a little less cramped. A few inches more width could also help for that matter. For example..